Intelligent big data analytics

Data is becoming a fundamental resource for any organization in a global and connected world.
At Datract we collect and analize real time data at planetary scale to uncover patterns, trends and information.

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datract /dæˈtrækt/

to derive insights from various data sources using
cutting edge machine intelligence. Let's just datract Spanish
labour law to gain a competitive advantage

We are a passionate team with strong backgrounds,
building the future of data.

Located in Barcelona, heart of the big data revolution.

We're right on Las Ramblas, but our ambitions are global.

Hacker background, self-taught, meritocratic.

We're autodidactic by nature. Our skills are wide but our knowledge is deep.

Decades of experience in tech companies.

We've worked and received offers from the world's most prestigious companies including Google, Facebook, Linkedin.

Building the future of machine learning.

We love the web, and care deeply about beautiful code, APIs, and documentation. We really like building products.



Data contains hidden value waiting to be discovered: trends, patterns, clusters, complex correlations and much more is hidden inside.



Advanced big data analytics allows for more and better accurate predictions around strategic decisions, market and trends.



Answers to the most important questions in organizations often lie inside existing data, and is easy to access if analyzed correctly.

Data = Oil analogy

In this analogy and the illustration I’m drawing here, oil and data are interchangeable. As far as analogies go, I think that this one is well suited to help us frame our thinking around how to gain value from data.

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Exploring the internet

The Internet has become an integral part of everyday life and an integral part of most of modern economy in developed countries. Through the Internet we can communicate with our loved ones, we can buy what we need and we can even

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